Six minerals. One nutrition package.

Micronutrients has partnered with Kemin to create the world’s first nutrition package containing six essential trace minerals: IntelliBond® VITAL 5 Cr. For the first time, IntelliBond® C (copper), IntelliBond® Z (zinc), IntelliBond® M (manganese), cobalt, and iodine with KemTRACE® Chromium are combined to support dairy cattle well-being and performance.


IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals are less soluble in the rumen than sulfate sources of trace minerals. Sulfate trace minerals disassociate and release free metals that can bind to antagonists or potentially harm rumen microbes. Learn more about IntelliBond for dairy cattle.

IntelliBond has higher bioavailability than sulfates in dairy cattle

 IntelliBond improves fiber digestibility over sulfates

KemTRACE® Chromium

Chromium plays an important role in glucose metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity in insulin-sensitive tissues (such as adipose, muscle, liver) and immune cells. Learn more about KemTRACE Chromium

KemTRACE Chromium reduces NEFA's (Non Esterfied Fatty Acids)


KemTRACE Chromium improves milk yield in early lactation cows, lb/head/day









KemTRACE Chromium improves dry matter intake and milk yield in heat-stressed cows









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