IntelliBond in Nursery Pigs

IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals represent the latest in trace mineral technology and are an advanced source of nutrients for nursery pig feeds: providing excellent bioavailability and productivity while driving optimized animal performance.


Why Copper, Zinc & Manganese?

Copper, zinc and manganese are essential trace minerals for swine production. Copper functions as a component in many critical enzyme systems, and hydroxy sources of copper have been shown to support growth performance and feed efficiency when fed at higher nutritional concentrations.

Zinc helps to optimize immune function, skin and bone integrity, reproduction and swine growth and efficiency. Zinc accomplishes these objectives by meeting the physiological needs of the pig following its absorption in the intestinal tract.

Manganese supports, among other things, structural development and integrity and nervous system function.

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What Makes IntelliBond the Smart Choice?

IntelliBond has unique properties and, due to its crystalline structure and low water solubility, has been proven to maintain feed stability, bioavailability and pig performance, even at lower inclusion levels, compared with other trace mineral sources.


Benefits in Nursery Pigs


IntelliBond's unique crystalline structure limits interactions with antagonists. Therefore, minerals are slowly released from the outside of the crystal throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

• Compared to sulfates, IntelliBond is designed to have ideal reactivity to avoid destructive interactions and promote availability, driving optimized pig performance and productivity

Benefits for Nursery Pig Performance

• Under a challenge (sickness), IntelliBond can support the immune system so animals don’t have to work as hard to fend off the threat. Therefore, less energy is used to fight the challenge, and more energy is available for growth

• High levels (>200 ppm copper) of IntelliBond C can support improved body weight gain in nursery pigs. For pennies, switching from copper sulfate to IntelliBond C increases nursery weight by 850 grams (average results of several trials)

• Studies have shown that IntelliBond Z can replace zinc oxide in nursery pig diets for equivalent performance. Research is currently focused on determining the level of IntelliBond Z needed to optimize performance


Benefits in Feed

Avoids Negative Interactions with Other Nutrients in Feed

• IntelliBond minimizes degradation (oxidation) of other essential nutrients, such as vitamins and probiotics

• IntelliBond avoids binding with other critical feed constituents such as phytate and amino acids

Feed Mill Handling and Mixability

• Exclusive OptiSize® particle technology creates uniform particles to make IntelliBond easy to handle and blend while reducing dust

• IntelliBond is non-hygroscopic - no clumping


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