IntelliBond in Dairy Cattle

IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals represent the latest in trace mineral technology and are an advanced source of nutrients for dairy cattle feeds: increasing bioavailability, improving feed stability, reducing negative rumen reactivity and limiting risk of adverse reactions with antagonists.

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Avoid Digestive Interference from your Trace Minerals by using IntelliBond


Unlike sulfate trace minerals, IntelliBond trace minerals hold together in the rumen, avoiding negative reactions with rumen microbes and antagonists. Without this digestive interference, more beneficial microbes can go to work digesting fiber that's critical to milk production.


Increase Fiber Digestion by Replacing Sulfate Trace Minerals with IntelliBond

 Fiber digestibility increased when IntelliBond trace minerals replaced sulfate trace minerals in five independently run research trials across different diet formulations. 



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What Makes IntelliBond the Smart Choice?

IntelliBond has unique properties and, due to its crystalline structure and low water solubility, has been proven to maintain feed stability, bioavailability and cow performance compared with other trace mineral sources. IntelliBond provides a reliable and predictable supply of trace minerals for cattle. 


Benefits in Dairy Cows


IntelliBond's strong chemical bonds and unique crystalline structure limits interactions with antagonists in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, minerals are protected and more are available for absorption by the animal in the small intestine.


Replacing sulfate trace minerals with Intelliond improves fiber digestibility.


 IntelliBond minerals are less reactive in the feed than sulfate trace minerals, protecting vitamins and probiotics. 

 IntelliBond is more resistant to leaching than inorganic or organic sources of trace minerals


 Exclusive OptiSize® particle technology creates uniform particles to make IntelliBond easy to handle and blend while reducing dust

 IntelliBond is non-hygroscopic - no clumping


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