THE BOND-Ruminant Newsletter Issue #3

7 December 2016

Micronutrients Welcomes Our New MemberIke Cunningham

Micronutrients is happy to announce that Ike Cunningham has joined our organization as a Ruminant Business Manager-High Plains.

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Are You Getting What You Paid For in Your Mineral?

Pic for are you getting what you paid for

These are challenging economic times for beef producers. Times that require that we do everything we can to get the most out of our feed ingredients, while not wasting money. It is very common for a rancher to pay $1,000/ton for their mineral supplementation program which equates to about $35.00 per head per year. If a rancher is going to spend that much money, they better get the most value out of that program.

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Feeding Management Incentivesfeeding incentives pic

When dairy farmers consider incentive programs for their employees, usually the herdsman or milkers are the only ones considered. Unfortunately, those employees who are responsible for getting feed to the cow often are not considered for incentive programs.

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