Micronutrients has been proudly selected as the exclusive 2022 Penn State Pre-Symposium Conference Sponsor!

Oct 10, 2022 | Press Releases

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, the Penn State Dairy Nutrition Preconference symposium will focus on improving rumen digestion and fermentation, a very timely topic. While you may not be able to control feed prices, you can reduce feed costs by optimizing rumen fermentation.

The Preconference, sponsored by Micronutrients, will continue the Nutrition Workshop’s long tradition of providing cutting edge information that can be directly applied on farm. The comprehensive Preconference symposium spans from fundamental concepts to real-world experiences and strategies, to adapting to future markets.

Dr. Ken Griswold, Ph.D, Dairy Technical Manager at Micronutrients, will lead off the preconference by discussing dietary options for improving rumen digestion and fermentation. Dr. Mike VanAmburgh and Andrew LaPierre, Cornell University, will follow with how to incorporate diet digestion and fermentation into ration formulation. Corwin Holtz, Holtz-Nelson Consulting, will then discuss improving rumen fermentation on-farm and the implications for herd performance. The Preconference will wrap up with a market outlook by Joe Kerns,  CEO/Founder at Partners for Production Agriculture.

The Penn State coordinator for this year, Dr. Kevin Harvatine, said, “Improving rumen function is at the core of good dairy nutrition.  I am really excited that the Micronutrients symposium is tackling this complex and important topic.”  He also noted that the diverse expertise and views of the speakers is very unique and moves beyond just the biochemistry to provide a complete view of how to implement solutions.

The conference general session on Nov. 3 will focus on translating the new NASEM “Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle” publication into feeding practice with talks from top nutritionists who did not write the chapters in the publication, but who can give critical insights on how they are integrating it into their feeding practices. Over two dozen break-out sessions will cover topics related to nutrition, cow health and dairy business management with many presentations by the Penn State Extension Team.

The post conference symposium on Thursday afternoon, sponsored by Pioneer, will highlight “Integrated approaches to feeding dairy cattle: Fiber, Starch and Lipids.”

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with over 30 trade show exhibitors, throughout the two days, and attend a Wednesday dinner session on amino acid balancing, and a breakfast session on Thursday on gut health.

The two-day conference will be held at the Hershey Lodge. Conference registration is only $125 until October 1. Registration fee includes pre and post conference and lunch both days. More information about the program and speakers, and registration can be found at http://agsci.psu.edu/dairy-nutrition-workshop.