IntelliBond® VITAL 4 is next step up in balanced cow nutrition

3 January 2014

A new product, IntelliBond┬« VITAL 4 delivers the maximum trace mineral nutrition benefits for dairy and beef cattle in one easy-to-feed blend.  IntelliBond VITAL 4 delivers the proven value of IntelliBond Z (zinc), C (copper) and M (manganese), along with cobalt, in a single particle.  IntelliBond VITAL 4 answers the need of many cattle producers for a well-rounded trace mineral program to supplement locally-grown feeds that are deficient in all four minerals.  Each plays an important role in cow nutrition, including these functions:

  • Zinc is vital for cow weight gain and growth rate and the immune and reproductive systems;
  • Copper assists the formation of healthy red and white blood cells and is crucial for heart and immune functions;
  • Manganese helps cows develop connective tissue and is vital to brain function;
  • Cobalt is important for young, rapidly growing animals as it helps rumen bacteria produce vitamin B12.

Each 150-200 micron particle contains a uniform blend of all four trace minerals to eliminate concern over trace mineral segregation or mixing caused by different product concentrations and bulk densities.

IntelliBond VITAL 4 typical analysis: 

  • 25.5% Zinc
  • 18.5% Manganese
  • 5.5% Copper
  • 0.15% Cobalt