Women in agriculture: Meet Carla Jackson

As we continue our series on the outstanding women of Trouw Nutrition who are breaking new ground in the industry, we would like to introduce you to Carla Jackson, Quality and Food Safety Director at Micronutrients in Indianapolis. She talks about the twists and turns...

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Copper type may influence vitamin stability in feed

You can find Micronutrients on the home page of this morning! Dr. Scott Fry, Director of Technical Sales Support, shared his insights on copper sources and their influence on vitamin stability in feed at IPPE 2018. Check out the article + a short...

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What’s on Twitter

Check out this brand new Animal Ag podcast > presented by our friends at NutraBlend featuring special guest John Ratzenberger. This episode entitled "Bioavailability of Key Nutrition Components" airs today!
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In the most recent episode of the @CtrDairyExcel's “Cow-Side Conversations” podcast >, Chuck Carr, a dairy farmer, shared his journey with mental health after a barn fire and traumatic brain injury. #MondayMotivation

From the first course to dessert, most of the foods on your plate can be traced back to carefully cultivated plants. Explore the beauty of the things we eat, magnified hundreds of times. #WorldFoodDay

DYK why cheese curds squeak? Learn about this phenomenon from our friends at @UndeniablyDairy. #NationalCheeseCurdDay