IntelliBond C

IntelliBond® C is designed to have ideal reactivity to avoid destructive interactions and promote availability, driving optimized animal health and productivity while remaining cost effective.

Trace mineral sources of copper are essential to ensure animal health and optimized productivity by supporting growth, feed efficiency, tissue integrity, enzyme processes and immune competency.


IntelliBond C is proven to be an effective source of copper for animals via extensive research evaluations conducted at respected universities and research institutes over the past 20 years. IntelliBond’s low solubility results in less interaction in the feed/premix and in the upper gastrointestinal tract in ruminants, poultry and swine. This means more copper is available for use by the animal where it is needed most.


• Highly stable: IntelliBond avoids negative interactions with other essential nutrients and critical feed constituents

• Availability: IntelliBond’s unique crystalline structure limits interactions with antagonists in the upper gastrointestinal tract; therefore, minerals are protected and more are available for use by the animal  

• Animal performance: IntelliBond’s increased availability supports ruminant, poultry and swine well-being and optimizes animal productivity

• Superior handling: Exclusive OptiSize® particle technology creates uniform particles, making IntelliBond non-hygroscopic (no clumping, caking or hardening), and easy to handle and blend while reducing dust



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