IntelliBond C

Copper is an essential trace element for all animals and functions in the body as a component of (or cofactor for) several critical enzymes, including those involved with iron transport, ATP production, removal of oxidative byproducts and cross-linking between connective tissues, among others. Because copper is typically added to animal feed via a concentrated premix or supplement, the form and reactivity of the copper source is very important. Traditionally, copper choices have been limited to minerals categorized as either organic or inorganic, but a unique category—hydroxy trace minerals—has been identified to deliver a source of copper that is proven to work in harmony with dietary ingredients, not against them.

IntelliBond C is insoluble in water, yet easily absorbs in an animal’s intestinal tract. IntelliBond minerals are made up of stable, covalent bonds within a large crystal matrix structure that not only improves bioavailability, but leads to reduced reactivity in a premix or food mixture. This reduced reactivity improves the stability of vitamins, enzymes, fats and other sensitive ingredients while assuring the mineral avoids wasteful, antagonistic interactions within either the feed mixture or the gastrointestinal tract.

IntelliBond C Product Data Sheet

IntelliBond C Safety Data Sheet